The Kustom Cozy

When we get used containers, we know that they have had a very productive life.  They usually have been sea worthy for 10 - 15 years.  If only the containers could tell us where they have been...and we have plans for where they are going!

YESCO container picts 017.jpg

This little beauty came to us several years ago.  We gave it new purpose in our rental fleet for a little while.  But after having some pretty creative customers wanting cabins, businesses and homes - we thought it was time to create our own Kustom Cozy Cabin.   Containers are made of Corten steel - meaning they are amazingly durable.  So we wanted to make sure whatever modifications we made, it only enhanced its durability.

Our philosophy is that when you escape to your retreat - don't escape convenience.  We added insulation on the interior and the underside of the container.  An air conditioning/heating unit was added.  If you  must leave your joyful cabin and return to the normal world - you can leave with any stress because your cabin will be secure.  A security shutter is added on the window, and the cargo doors close on the porch to secure the front.  Inside we added a small kitchenette with burners, sink, and mini fridge.   In cozy container living, you need ample cabinet storage.  We got creative and added custom storage racks on the cargo doors to store your bikes or hunting and horse riding gear.    

Once we had our basic cabin done, we called in Brooke with All Things Thrifty and asked her to customize our Kustom Cozy and make it a retreat  you will never want to leave.

We love our finish product - and yes it is for sale. 

The Park City Ski Patrol Shack

park city ski shack (2).JPG
park city ski shack left side.JPG
park city ski shack front.JPG
park city ski shack inside front door.JPG