In need of a storage container rental? With rates starting as low as $70, we can contain whatever your needs are, long-term or short-term. We have a large stock of inventory and our goal is to meet your needs.


When space is an issue yet secure onsite storage is still required, 10ft containers are a perfect fit. They can be equiped with standard heavy duty cargo doors or roll-up doors – and are wind and water tight. Customers who rent these containers are usually in locations where our 20ft containers are just too big for the available site.


When a 20ft is too small and a 40ft is to big, we bring in the 30ft container. Our 30ft containers are Kustom (custom), meaning that they are configured to your needs.


Our most popular rental. It is big enough to store the contents of a 1200 sq ft home, yet can fit in most any location without issue. Manufacturers, retailers, homeowners, municipalities, and contractors all seem to find this size ideal for their needs.


Need to keep things organized and secure onsite, this is your answer. From remodeling a commercial property to storing extra inventory, the 40ft container will accommodate your needs. This container is your portable warehouse.


All 45′ Storage Containers are High Cubed (9.5 feet tall).


When you sell onsite at events you want your merchandise to be secure. Our two styles give you that option – so that when the day is done, you can walk away knowing everything inside will be just that way the next morning. Open Side containers will fit all your inventory and has door and wall space to hang all of your products. Our sales booth offers two windows to serve
customers. Perfect for concessions or ticket sales.


When you need an office onsite, this is the ticket. Keep your job site organized and moving with a mobile office. Our offices come equipped with ac/heat and desks. Plan tables are available as well. Tell us your needs, and we will make it happen.

53′ Refrigerated Trailer Available For Rent – Call For More Information

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    We offer new (one trip), used (Grade A or B), and refurbished containers depending on your needs. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will get it for you. Below are our common containers that we always have in stock. We also have insulated and refrigerated units. We can get open tops and flat racks as well. Please feel free to call us at anytime if you have any questions or you would like us to make a recommendation for you based on your needs.

    20′ Container

    Tare Weight 5,290 lbs
    Cubic Capacity 1,164 cu.ft.

    Exterior Dimenstions
    Length 20′
    Weight 8′

    Interior Dimensions
    Length 19’4 13/16
    Width 7’8 19/32
    Height 7’9 57/64

    20′ High Cube Container

    Tare Weight 5,158 lbs
    Cubic Capacity 1,318 cu.ft.

    Exterior Dimensions
    Length 20′
    Width 8′
    Height 9’6″

    Interior Dimensions
    Length 19’4 13/16
    Width 7’8 19/32
    Height 8’9 15/16

    40′ Container

    Tare Weight 8,820 lbs
    Cubic Capacity 2,376 cu.ft.

    Exterior Dimensions
    Length 40′
    Width 8′
    Height 8’6″

    Interior Dimensions
    Length 39’5 45/64
    Width 7’8 19/32
    Height 7’9 57/64

    40′ High Cube Container

    Tare Weight 9,260 lbs
    Cubic Capacity 2,684 cu. ft.

    Exterior Dimensions
    Length 40′
    width 8′
    Height 9’6″

    Interior Dimensions
    Length 39’5 45/64
    Width 7’8 19/32
    Height 8’9 15/16

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      We have several delivery vehicles and transportation partners that are committed to making sure your container purchase or rental is delivered quickly, safely and without headaches. It is important for you to understand what can cause issues and what type of preparation is necessary prior to delivery.

      Delivery Vehicle Types

      20′ Tilt bed individual delivery – This is our most maneuverable truck which is used to deliver containers that are 20’ in length and smaller.

      40’ Tilt bed individual delivery – The 40’ tilt bed trailer is hauled with a small cab tractor that has an overall length of about 50ft. This vehicle is capable of offloading it’s self and hauls containers from 10ft to 45ft in length and includes high cube
      containers as well.

      Crane delivery – With our crane system you can get any size unit delivered and placed in even the tightest of locations on your property including over walls and close to existing structures.

      Space Requirements

      Containers are typically delivered with a tilt-bed roll off truck. The driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then drives out from under the container. The delivery site needs to allow for 15’ of overhead clearance to
      accommodate the container on top of the tilt bed truck or trailer. To get out from under the container the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line.

      20’ individual delivery 10.5ft of width, 15ft of height and about 50ft in a straight line in order to offload the container

      40’ individual delivery 10.5ft of width, 16ft of height and about 100ft in a straight line.

      Delivery Costs:

      Each delivery is unique and is individually quoted. A typical delivery in the St. George area starts at $75 per trip with a tilt bed delivery. If a crane delivery is needed, we typically charge by the hour. The rate for our crane is $155 per hour.

      For rentals, we charge for initial delivery and future pickup at the time of receipt.

      Delivery Questions

      Q: Can I set my container directly on the ground?
      A: Yes the container is suitable to be placed directly on the ground but requires adequate drainage and a level surface.

      Q: Can you move or relocate loaded containers?
      A: Yes we can depending on the size and the weight of the containers.

      Q: Can you help if I do not have enough space for delivery?
      A: Yes. We are here to help and if there is anything that can be done to get you a container delivered we will do it. At the additional expense, we can facilitate the use of a crane, forklift, or skid steer to reposition the container once they are off the truck.
      Call us today and we can walk you through your delivery options.