We offer new (one trip), used (Grade A or B), and refurbished containers depending on your needs. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will get it for you. Below are the common containers that we always have in stock. We also have insulated and refrigerated units. We can get open tops and flat racks as well. Please feel free to call us at any time if you have any questions or if you would like us to make a recommendation for you based on your needs.

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10′ • 20′ • 30′ • 40′ • 45′

20′ Containers

  • Best for Moving
  • We can Deliver Container
  • We can Store Full Containers
  • We can Deliver the Full Container to New Location Once Ready

40′ Containers

  • Best if Staying in 1 Location


20′ & 40′

20′ Office Build Out

  • Electrical
  • Heat & A/C
  • Desk Top / Countertops
  • Windows
  • Main Door

40′ Office Options

  • 1/2 office and 1/2 storage

  • 10′ office | 20′ office | 10 office

  • All Built Out with Complete Amenities and Individual Access


Custom Sized

  • Offices
  • Trade Shows
  • Dog Kennels
  • Horse Feeders
  • Ski Post
  • Homes
  • And Everything In Between


20′ & 40′ – 1 Trip (New) Containers

  • 1 Time Across the Ocean
  • Neutral Color
  • No Shipping Line Logos

20′ & 40′ – Grade A (Used) Containers

  • 10-15 Years Old
  • Ding’s & Dents and Minor Surface Rust
  • Comes in All Different Colors
  • Have Shipping Line Logos

20′ & 40′ – Grade B (Used) Containers

  • 10-15 Years Old
  • Ding’s & Dents and Minor Surface Rust
  • Comes in All Different Colors
  • Have Shipping Line Logos
  • Cosmetically Rougher than Grade A
  • Generally have Severe Rust Spots

45′ High Cube

  • Available in Grade A & Grade B
  • Standard – 8.5 ft tall X 8′ wide
  • High Cube – 9.5 ft tall X 8′ wide



We have several delivery vehicles and transportation partners that are committed to making sure your container purchase or rental is delivered quickly, safely, and without headaches. It is important for you to understand what can cause issues and what type of preparation is necessary prior to delivery.


20′ Tilt bed individual delivery – This is our most maneuverable truck which is used to deliver containers that are 20’ in length and smaller.

40’ Tilt bed individual delivery – The 40’ tilt bed trailer is hauled with a small cab tractor that has an overall length of about 80ft. This vehicle is capable of offloading itself and hauls containers from 10ft to 45ft in length and includes a high cube
containers as well.

Crane delivery – With our crane service you can get any size unit delivered and placed in even the tightest of locations on your property including over walls and close to existing structures.


Containers are typically delivered with a tilt-bed roll-off truck. The driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then drives out from under the container. The delivery site needs to allow for 15’ of overhead clearance to
accommodate the container on top of the tilt bed truck or trailer. To get out from under the container the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line.

20’ individual delivery 12ft of width, 15ft of height, and about 80ft in a straight line in order to offload the container

40’ individual delivery 12ft of width, 16ft of height, and about 100ft in a straight line.


Each delivery is unique and is individually quoted. Please call us for pricing at 435-680-4509.


Q: Can I set my container directly on the ground?
A: Yes the container is suitable to be placed directly on the ground but requires adequate drainage and a level surface.

Q: Can you move or relocate loaded containers?
A: Yes we can depending on the size and the weight of the containers.

Q: Can you help if I do not have enough space for delivery?
A: Yes. We are here to help and if there is anything that can be done to get you a container delivered we will do it. At the additional expense, we can facilitate the use of a crane, forklift, or skid steer to reposition the container once they are off the truck.
Call us today and we can walk you through your delivery options.